John DEVITT at Assevillers

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John DEVITT at Assevillers

John DEVITT, Olympic swimming champion, and his Australian team came to Assevillers during the week of September 12-17,2017.

During their week, John DEVITT and his team spent some moments in silence at Cecil HEALY’s grave and also discovered the region and relived the last week of Cecil HEALY from Amiens to Péronne.

Cecil HEALY was effectively deployed on Amiens as a second lieutenant as of June 1,1918.

Our Australian team is made up of David WILSON, one of the only Australian Battlefield guides, Larry WRITER, a well-known journalist in Australia, author of about twenty books, John DEVITT (4 Olympic medals) and his daughter Carmel HOWARD. Together, they travelled the Somme roads to visit places of memory, museums and battlefields…

Michel GUILBERT, mayor of Assevillers, and Bertrand FARENEAU, author of a short biography on Cecil HEALY, assisted our Australian friends during this week. For example, a religious service was held near the tomb of Cecil HEALY (15/09), meetings were held with a journalist from the Courrier Picard (16/09) or with officials (15/09).

The purpose of their visit was to collect as much information as possible in order to write a book on the fate of Cecil HEALY.

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Livre de John DEVITT & Larry WRITER

Cecil HEALY, A Biography


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