The town of Assevillers is strongly linked to the history of the First World War. Being directly on the front line, it was constantly taken and retaken during the conflict (1914: war of movement, 1916: Battle of the Somme, 1918: Operation Michael & Liberation…).

The village was almost entirely destroyed during the Battle of the Somme. The strategic location of the village of Assevillers also housed a French forward medical post. The village receives the War Cross by decree of 27 October 1920 for “their suffering and heroic sacrifice” (link to Journal Officiel). After the war, the village proposes to house a British military cemetery in which many soldiers who died in battle will be gathered. Cecil HEALY, the only Australian Olympic champion killed in action, will be transferred from Biaches to Assevillers.


One hundred years later, the village still remembers his wounds, this history and commemorates the centenary of his liberation. Since 2011, the municipality has been involved in the implementation of commemorations. A biography of Cecil HEALY was written by Bertrand FARENEAU and presented to the different communities. In 2018, the community of Assevillers obtained the Centenary label thanks to its joint action with the community of communes of the Haute Somme and the city of Péronne. (read more : Partnership).

Programme des commémorations

1er Septembre 2018 :

  1. 10h-17h : Commemorative Walk (Péronne to Assevillers)
  2. 17h : Official ceremony (Assevillers New British Cemetery)
  3. 17h45-19h : Brass band concert (Church Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption – Assevillers)
  4. 19h  : Exhibition opening “Cecil HEALY, when a champion became a soldier” (Assevillers Town Hall)

Schedules may be slightly modified.

2 Septembre 2018 :

  1. 6h-16h : Cecil HEALY Race


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